Internet camera (IP camera, network camera)

Web camera is an camera that captures and broadcast video or images to desired destination via Internet. Web camera is an autonomous device, it hasn't to be connected to a computer to operate - web camera includes small computer. Web camera is connected to Internet via Ethernet cable or WIFI.

Live stream

Camera can send live stream to a stream server, user's video player or storage server. User can connect to a camera with a web browser and view live picture. Number of concurrently connected users is limited mostly up to 20 users. There are special per camera manufacture requirements to web browser to view live stream - browser plug-ins are required.

Motion detection and periodical events

Web cameras contain in picture motion detection. When motion is detected, camera sends pictures or video to storage server (FTP server) or user's email. User can see important images without reviewing whole day recording. Some cameras in also include infra red motion detector or possibility to add an external detector.
Cameras can also send pictures or videos periodically.
CAMTAPE provides storage space for these motion detected or periodical images and videos.

Camera installation

Some cameras are designed to be installed indoor. They are not protected against water.
Another cameras are designed to be installed outdoor. They are in protective housing that protect camera against rain and dust.
Camera housing can be also obtained separately, so indoor cameras can be installed outdoor. These housings often contain heating against glass and lenses freezing. Cameras are connected to Internet using LAN cable (Ethernet) or WIFI. Cameras on wilderness are conected via 3G mobile network using intergrated 3G modem. 3G router can be obtained separately.

View angle

Camera lenses can have long focal length (approx. f = 4 and more). Camera can better see distant objects, but in narrow view angle.
Short focal length (approx. f = 3 and less) allow camera to see in wide view angle (panoramatic), but distant objects are small.
Some lenses are varifocal, so they can change focal length (zoom).

Picture resolution

The higher resolution camera provide the more details can be visible - image is larger.

Recommended cameras

There are several dedicated web camera manufacturers like AXIS, VIVOTEK, ACTI.
Network device manufacturers also offer web cameras like AIR LIVE, EDIMAX Any IP camera from these manufactures work with CAMTAPE.
Other IP camera manufacturers are also supported. IP camera has to allow to send images or videos via FTP or email.

Edimax IC-3010Wg. Cheap camera for indoor.

AirLive OD-325HD. Cheap camera for outdoor.

Vivotek IP7361. Middle calls outdoor camera.

Vivotek MD7560. Vandal-proof indoor camera with wide view angle.

Axis M1054. Camera with infra red motion detector.

Axis P1347. 5 megapixel camera.

Axis 323D+. Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) camera.
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  • History of 10 images
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  • History of 8000+ images
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