Distinct images detection

Getting overview about the scene in front of camera is much more efficient now. CAMTAPE searches for 30 mutually most distinct images .

Searching for interesting images is time demanding, especially for cameras that send images to CAMTAPE in regular intervals and there is nothing interesting in scene most of time. Images limit on CAMTAPE was increased recently, so the search can be much longer.

Distinct images identify potentially interesting events or unusual behavior in history stored on CAMTAPE.

As usual, this feature is free for preapid plans.

Media storage space increased

Minimal number of history images count has been increased from 5000 to 8000 for prepaid plan. Price remains the same.

As usual, media limit has been automatically increased for all prepaid cameras.

Trampoline Liberec web camera

Mira Partman run trampolines in the railway station hall in Liberec, Czech Republic. Trampolines are used by trampoline club Lokomotiva Liberec. Trampolines are also accessible for everyone. There is public web camera in the hall. Anyone can see jumping progress :-) and trampoline occupation.

Last image with detection
Current image

There is infrared motion sensor attached to the camera. Only pictures with motion are stored, so picture viewing is more funny. The last (newest) picture is Current picture taken at regular intervals independently on motion sensor.

Come to jump every Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00. It’s real fun.

How plants move

How plants move

I have been always wondered how plants move. The movement of plants is well known, but I have never waited enough to observe motion. So I installed a camera in the greenhouse and let it shoot at regular intervals, 3 times a day. From the images I created the video. How the plants during the day move surprised me. Video is available at YouTube.

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  • History of 10 images
  • Free
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  • History of 8000+ images
  • Customizable style
  • Additional image info
  • Share images
  • From 100 CZK / month