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Is data transfer encrypted?
It can be: Use https to acces CAMTAPE from web browser. Establish OpenVPN connection from your router to CAMTAPE. If you transfer data from camera over WIFI, use WPA Encryption from camera to the router
How to establish OpenVPN connection to CAMTAPE?
CAMTAPE use OpenVPN 2.1 to encrypt FTP and Email data from your camera. You have to setup your router to use OpenVPN.
Please read OpenVPN documentation first.
Open-WRT Kamikaze and Linux router installation example:
  1. Install OpenVPN: Open-WRT: opkg install openvpn or Linux: aptitude install openvpn
  2. Copy configuration file camtape.conf into /etc/openvpn:
  3. Copy certificates and keys into /etc/openvpn/camtape. To receive certificates, please contact CAMTAPE.
  4. Enable port forwarding: iptables -A forwarding_rule -i br-lan -o tun+ -d -j ACCEPT
  5. Configure NAT: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o tun+ -j MASQUERADE
  6. Start OpenVPN. CAMTAPE IP address in VPN is:

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